About Us

Our business model is simple, we provide you with the product and service you need. We are a local business and we pride ourselves in having weathered the economic storms while keeping our feet under us, we believe that says something about who are and how our customers feel about us.

Dorson Jackson


The man behind it all. Dorson is the owner of Jackson Construction and is quite possibly the one you will work most with. He is a 4th generation contractor that brings all of his tools to the table just for you. Many know Dorson as a straight forward guy who sales only what you need. In the down season you can find Dorson at Hoodoo once a week, looking for fresh snow.

Cameron Jackson


Cameron is another member of the family at Jackson Construction and is a 5th generation contractor. He is a student from Oregon State University (Go Beavs!) and plans to follow the family tradition. Working to gain a knowledge of the business and always working to keep up the technology end of things.